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Driven by our passion for high quality, well made, shirts and suits, we created Este Bartin.

We were young professionals in the insurance and shipping industries and in the course of our work, we had to always dress smartly and look good - especially when meeting with clients.

But with our physique, we found that buying ready-to-wear shirts and suits off-the-shelf didn’t work for us. The clothes were ill-fitting and didn’t make us look as sharp as we wanted to. So we turned to getting our work-wear tailor-made instead.

<strong>Justin Loy and Barry Lim</strong>
Justin Loy and Barry Lim

However, this didn’t work out well either as they were either too expensive or if their price was reasonable, they were just not very well made.

And so, that made us think that if we were facing this problem, others must also too. Inspired by our vision to help our clients to dress well without paying, we set out to learn everything we could about the tailoring business. And in 2013, we decided to take the plunge and open up Este Bartin.

Today, we are happy that we’ve succeeded in helping our clients look their best and nothing makes us happier than seeing them smile and brim with confidence when they first put on the clothes that we’ve tailor-made just for them.


Because you shouldn’t overpay to look good.

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