Why Choose

Este Bartin?


In-house tailoring team

Some of our competitors are more 'measurement shops' than tailors. They take your measurements, then they send your measurements out to an external production facility to churn out your order. These measurements shops are nothing more than middlemen. By having our own in-house tailoring team, we are able to eliminate the middlemen and keep our costs low for our clients.

Highly experienced team

And because we have a highly experienced in-house tailoring team, we can maintain the quality and consistency that our clients expect of us. We are able to oversee and check on production to make sure your orders are fulfilled exactly as you requested and in the timeframe that we've promised.

Made in Singapore

With the typical 'measurement shops', they often outsource their production to cheaper countries like Malaysia, Indonesia or even Thailand. This could be a concern in terms of quality and consistency. When you choose Este Bartin, you can rest assured that your order will be produced 100% in-house, in Singapore.

Wide range of fabrics

We carry a wide selection of more than 400 premium fabric choices sourced from the best fabric mills around the world. We regularly source and update our stocks of the best quality fabrics for our clients. 

Wide choice of finishes

We know our clients love to customise unique finishes on their shirts and suits and so we offer a wide range of special finishes so that they can personalise their own style and look. Our clients appreciate being able to create their own signature look because we offer them the platform to be as creative as they would like. 


Because you shouldn’t overpay to look good.

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